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You all remember this car. Inside 44 book teaser started with post of this car. My 3D design from Zbrush was - remodeled and polished by Kaloyan Vasilev so it can be production ready asset for 3Dprinting. If you need someone that has patience to deal with your broken model - he is the man. Here it is - Re-Rendered in super polished look <3 Car is being 3D printed for Kickstarter campaign of Inside 44. Soon i will drop more info about it, because i signed a deal with someone very cool to 3Dprint it. Look at this polished beauty - i cant wait to drop more stuff. Also since it was first official published work from Inside 44 - do you think it should be on cover of the book ? Drop your comments.   #car     #cardesign     #art     #artist     #carlifestyle     #carporn     #transportationdesign     #zbrush     #inside44     #instaart     #instadesign     #followme     #keyshot     #vehicledesign     #industrialdesign     #racing     #3d  


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I remember it sooooo we’ll!!! Epic!


So when is the book supposed to be released? I can’t wait!


@nnicks23 cuando seamos millonarios, te voy a comprar uno, y luego te lo voy a robar para no tener que comprarme uno pa mi.


I don't know, make the cover, that how you always wondered


This is stunning! 😍😍😍 It reminds me of my surfacing work on Speed Racer. 😁 ⭐❤️⭐





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